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  • Joy Mix

YOU hold the power to change our community

In our next election -- on April 4, 2023 -- voters across Lake County will be choosing who will represent them at the most local levels. The people who sit on school boards, library boards and village boards make decisions that affect our communities - from local infrastructure and zoning decisions, economic development, cultural enrichment through our libraries and the curriculum and learning environment we give our kids. These are important decisions that affect us not only today, but for decades to come.

And because it's not a so-called "big" election, many voters don't show up. That means that the few who DO cast their ballots have an outsized impact on the results. Let YOUR voice be heard. Make sure that the local decision-makers we put into office reflect YOUR values.

Early Voting starts March 20.

Election Day is April 4.

And you can still request a vote-by-mail ballot. Go to:

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