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Who's on your ballot? Meet Amanda Howland

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

In this series, we introduce you to the candidates running for election April 6 who share our democratic values. Please make your plan to VOTE in this election... by mail, early, in-person... it all counts.

Amanda Howland currently serves as Trustee and Board Vice-Chair for the College of Lake County. Find her on LinkedIn.

1) Why are you running for this office?

I am a former teacher and school administrator and education has always been extremely important to me. I am committed to helping others and giving back to our community. CLC is an excellent resource and I am proud to have served on the Board for 2 terms as Trustee (12 years) and am up for re-election. I am currently the Board Vice-Chair. In addition, I am CLC’s representative elected to a position on our state Trustee’s association and our national Trustee’s association. I want to continue to keep CLC in the forefront of those organizations.

CLC is growing and expanding our educational programs to better serve our community and prepare our students for well paying jobs. I hope to continue to be a part of supporting that growth.

2) What do you believe is the most important issue facing the organization you’d be serving, and what should be considered when addressing it?

There are many important issues currently facing CLC. We are dealing with how best to provide a quality education in spite of the constraints of COVID. Getting everyone back on campus, providing a safe environment, and providing a great education at a reasonable cost are high priorities. The Board’s main role is to maintain fiscal responsibility and to account to our taxpayers. We have maintained a triple A bond rating. We voted to freeze tuition for the coming year. We support the “College Promise” program and our Foundation. We lobby our legislators for Pell and other grants. In addition, the Board supports administration, staff, faculty, and students by providing input in a myriad of ways.

3) Historically, voter turnout in local elections is very low. What would you say to community members to encourage them to get out to vote April 6?

Politics IS local! The issues that most directly affect us as citizens happen at the local level. How our villages and cities are governed, what our property tax rate is, how our schools are run, and so much more are all decided by local officials. Community participation, by voting, is the only way to have any significant influence. Every two years we all have an opportunity to make our voices heard and to have a direct impact on local issues. Every vote counts! Many local races are won or lost by just a few votes.

4) What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or watched recently and why?

I am constantly reading, watching, and learning. In the past two months I’ve participated in a three day national trustee’s conference focusing on current legislative issues affecting community colleges, a four day conference with the “Achieve The Dream” foundation focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion, and two day conference for our state association that focused on cyber security for our schools. Next week I will attend another virtual conference with the Governance Leadership Institute focusing on best practices of high-functioning Boards and the importance of Board/CEO relationships. As a Board member it is important to keep up with current issues and trends.

5) Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

I believe that my life experiences and education are an asset to the Board. As a former educator, administrator, Federal Court attorney I bring a variety of skills to the position. I am also the Vice-Chair of the LZACC chamber of commerce and am working to link CLC with local businesses. In addition, I also belong to several charitable organizations that support our citizens.

If anyone is interested in more information about my background, education, or affiliations I have a LinkedIn.

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