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Vote with confidence: These candidates share our democratic values

Updated: Apr 4

The Zion and Benton Township Democrats are proud to support the following candidates in

the election on April 4, 2023.

College of Lake County Trustee

Allena Barbato

Beach Park School District 3 Board

Andrea J. Usry

Winthrop Harbor School District 1 Board:

Lise McCarthy (2-year term)

Elizabeth McGinnis (4-year term)

Katherine B. Roane (4-year term)

Zion-Benton Library Trustee

Mary E. Martin

Zion-Benton High School Board

Patricia Ayres-Stephen

Darlene Pickett (write-in)

Zion Mayor

Billy McKinney

Zion Commissioner

Jacqueline Holmes

Zion Elementary School District 6 Board

Jennifer Quezada (write-in)

Zion Park District

Carolyn Love Rivers

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