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Uniting America

It all starts Monday

Hey, folks! The 2020 Democratic National Convention starts Monday, August 17. I know, it might have been easy to overlook among all your zoom meetings, fundraisers and get-togethers, but you'll want to get at least a portion of this on your screen-time schedule.

Need a Lift?

With the overall theme "Uniting America" and daily line-ups that focus on the core beliefs that define the Democratic Party, this promises to be an uplifting, positive program, an antidote to the poisonous rhetoric and policies that stream daily from the White House. Kind of like a 'booster shot' to the soul; a reminder that there are still people who believe in good, representational government that is responsive and accountable to the people it is meant to serve. That there are leaders who view the public service as a sacred duty, not a cash grab.

No matter when you tune in, you're bound to get inspired by messages from some of the biggest names in blue politics...

  • Monday: 'We the People' Will highlight voices of people fighting to make this nation better and to rise up to meet the many challenges we face. Speakers will include Sen. Bernie Sanders, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, former First Lady Michelle Obama and many more.

  • Tuesday: 'Leadership Matters' As Joe sees it, leadership is about putting the country ahead of yourself, and taking on the tough fights even when it’s unpopular. Tuesday's line up features the experts and seasoned veterans who know the importance of leadership... including Former Acting US Attorney General Sally Yates, AOC, Former President Bill Clinton and more.

  • Wednesday: 'A More Perfect Union' Joe Biden (and we Dems) are committed to building our country back BETTER than it was before, because for far too long, too many people have been left out. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, and Former President Barack Obama are just some of the speakers featured this night.

  • Thursday: 'America's Promise' This final night, we'll hear from people who can attest to Joe Biden's character and leadership, and we'll hear from Joe himself about his vision for how we can move forward out of today's state of constant chaos and crises. Speakers will include Senators Cory Booker and Tammy Duckworth, Mayors Keisha Lance Bottoms and Pete Buttigieg and others, and then finally, Joe Biden himself.

Just contrast that line up - those ideas - with the news on any given day. From attacks on the US Postal Service and our right to vote, to the callous disregard for the hundreds of thousands of souls we've lost to COVID-19, to racist statements about VP Candidate Senator Kamala Harris... the differences couldn't be greater. The 2020 Democratic National Convention promises to be a lifeline... a reminder about what we believe and why it's so important to keep working to help America live up to those values every single day.

So, tune in! You'll find details, including all the ways to watch here:

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