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Speak up for clean energy

Waukegan's coal-fired power plant sits on the shore of Lake Michigan, the source of drinking water for millions of people. Arsenic levels are more than 2,000 higher than levels considered to be safe in a groundwater monitoring well at the plant. More than 2,000 times. And it's not the only toxin found in extremely high concentrations - all from the storage of coal ash, the remnants left over from burning coal, in open water pits onsite.

We know this because in 2018, plants like this were finally forced to report stats on groundwater contamination thanks to new transparency requirements imposed by 2015 federal coal ash regulations. You'll find a great, understandable summary of what was reported in this report from Earthjustice, The Sierra Club and other concerned groups.

Earlier this week, the Illinois EPA held two listening sessions in Waukegan to get input from residents about what they want to see in detailed rules that will regulate the disposal and storage of coal ash. Many committed and concerned residents showed up and spoke up to demand tough rules that will hold the polluters accountable for cleaning up the mess they've created. Learn more and stay up on the latest developments from Clean Energy Lake County.

On October 24, we have another opportunity to speak up on this important topic. The Zion New Tech High School is hosting a Clean Energy Town Hall where participants will learn about the role that clean energy can play in fighting climate change, cleaning up our water, air and lakefront, and in creating jobs. State Senator Melinda Bush and State Representative Joyce Mason will be there to hear from residents on these topics. RSVP here.

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