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Reflection Time as a Young Dem

Syra Daniels, newly-elected Precinct Committeeperson for Precinct 60 in Beach Park, shares her reflections on the past week and these strange new circumstances.

During my self isolation, I am taking the time to reflect and become more self-aware. This past week has made me more appreciative of doctors, nurses, and first responders who are literally on the front lines of this pandemic. However, I have become even more appreciative of the jobs people often brand as low-skilled; delivery drivers, grocery store workers, farmers, and so many other essential workers who deserve more recognition as well as higher pay and benefits.

While this is a time for many of us to self reflect, catch up on work, or de-stress from our busy lives, it’s not the case for everyone. Coronavirus has disrupted daily life for many Americans. Sadly, millions of Americans simply cannot afford to stay at home. They put their health and the health of others at risk because they have no other option.

As a young, Latina woman with a single parent, I can relate to this first-hand. People ask me why I care so much about politics. My answer is: I do not have the privilege of not caring. I have been fortunate enough to be educated on the importance of politics and governance and how it affects us all. This is why I do my best to be involved in my community, keep myself informed on what is going on, and carry out my civic duties. I understand that it’s sometimes easier to only worry about ourselves and our families, but we can’t expect to see change as a country if we don’t come together as a community.

So I encourage my peers to go out and vote and be responsible citizens. The lack of leadership in our country has truly affected us all, and this is why it’s now more important than ever that we vote. Remember when you vote, you’re not only voting for yourself. You are voting for the people who can’t and helping give a voice to other Americans.

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